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Valkyrie Two Strap Harness


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The Two Strap harness is the go-to harness.

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The Two Strap harness is the go-to harness. Like a Valkyrie ready for battle, the Two Strap Harness is sexy and plays with our ideas of androgyny. It has a classic jock strap design and is comfortable to wear.

The fabrics we use are high quality and held to rigorous specifications for feel and performance. Welcome to comfort in a harness that really is washable.

The locking, adjustable straps allow for even more control in the heat of the moment. This Valkyrie is all about strength and readiness. Set the wide elastic waistband to your size with the Velcro tabs and then it’s ready to pull on panty-style whenever you need it.


Toys can be removed or inserted by opening the Velcro tab on the waistband while wearing the harness and are held in place with a firm elastic O ring that fits most toys. All of our Valkyrie Harnesses have a flap between the wearer and the base of the dildo to keep it in place and give you less chafing or you can place it under the toy and out of your way if you use a double ended toy or enjoy the friction. While it is easily used with dildos that have a base, you can also use your Valkyrie to support a double ended dildo, and the open back of the jock style invites play with the exposed areas.
Holds toys up to 2′ in diameter.