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Medium Penis Pump


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Medium size penis pump 5.5cm x 20cm

This easy to use medium size penis pump will give you greater confidence in the bedroom. The 3 various rubber seals will suit any size pecker.

The penis pump will help aid in enlarging your penis and also erection dysfunction, creating a light vacuum with the pump will allow blood to flow to the penis (This happens naturally when the male gets aroused). The pump will maximize the elastic properties of the penile cells and tissues, increasing the size of your penis.  

Easy to use, simply attach pump handle to the hose and connect to the plastic tube. Fit the right size rubber seal to the plastic tube. Insert penis into plastic tube making sure its a air tight fit. Pump the handle to desired pressure. Push the release button on the hose to release the pressure inside the tube.


1 x Pump handle

1 x hose

1 x vacuum tube (5.5cm x 20cm)

3 x rubber seals


Although very safe to use, If unsure please consult with your doctor or health care provider. The information we have provided should not be considered medical advice.