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JAM – Fun Factory


Looking for top quality at budget price? You got it: meet JAM, the artist from the SlimVIBES family, by FUN FACTORY!

Looking for top quality at budget price? You got it: meet JAM, the artist from the SlimVIBES family, by FUN FACTORY! Lose yourself in hours of JAM sessions with this little guy. Let the musician in you enjoy the toy’s waves of intensity and you’ll forget all your worries while surrendering to the moment. JAM is a battery-operated MiniVIBRATOR delivering just what you need. Like its larger counterparts JAZZIE and JOUPIE, it is made of medical grade silicone, is waterproof and fitted with a powerful quality motor “Made in Germany.” Used internally, JAM pleasures like a classic rod vibrator with a flexible and slightly curved tip to locate the G-spot and pleasure the clitoris. When held in the palm of the hand, it can be used as a lay-on vibe to stimulate the entire body, including the clitoris. Let yourself go on a JAM session with this little guy, you’ll enjoy its artistic touch and sense of rhythm.

The slender, compact MiniVIBRATOR JAM is a master of improvisation. Solo or duet, gentle or powerful – it’s always ready for action and delighted to join your fantasy. This affordable, battery-operated BasicTOY wins over everyone with its quality, design and price.


  • Slender shape “SlimVIBE“

  • Slim shape makes it very good for women and pairs who prefer slim vibrators

  • Structured silicone sheath for intense stimulation

  • Curved tip to find the G-spot

Very compact, so when held in palm of the hand, it becomes a lay-on vibrator

  • One vibration level full of zest

  • Powerful motor

  • Battery-operated with only one AA battery!

  • Do NOT remove paper in battery compartment!

  • Ready to go! Easy operation with the cap “EASY TWIST“ made of body-friendly ABS plastic

  • 100 % waterproof

  • Velvety, medical grade silicone with a pleasantly flexible toy end – gentle to the body and odorless!

  • Easy to clean with the TOYCLEANER, which is specially made for silicone toys and the genital area…or with water and mild soap

  • “Made in Germany“

  • Best FUN FACTORY quality for a small budget

  • The ideal BasicTOY

  • 5.0 in. and Ø 1.1 in.

  • 2 year warranty

A shared passion, good vibrations, and a harmonious game with lots of room for creativity, prolonged JAM sessions are no longer an exclusive experimental pleasure for musicians. The compact MiniVIBRATOR JAM is a well-rounded artist that will enrich your love life with harmonious rhythms and thrilling vibrations. As a slim rod vibrator with a slightly curved and flexible tip for the G-spot, JAM pleasures spot-on from inside. Held in the palm of the hand, it can also be used as a lay-on vibrator to stimulate all external erogenous zones. Try a JAM session and experience the toy’s ecstatic beats! Solo or in a duet, this 5.0 in. vibrator is the smallest of the SlimVIBES and it is always delighted to play a big part in the orchestra!

With its handy format, JAM fits discreetly into any handbag and just like its friend JAZZIE, it is happy to go on tour with you to showcase its improvisation talents in the most inspiring of places. With only one battery, the JAM is ready for use anytime, anywhere, and thanks to the special seal in its cap, it will play just as well underwater.

The revolutionary easy control with the “EASY TWIST” cap and the unbeatably heady vibration level lets you be fully swept up in the moment. With a partner or solo, the JAM pampers inside and out like a true artist, and it doesn’t wait around to be asked for an encore! In classic dark blue or in modern neon orange, it’s a real head-turner at every private JAM session.