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Bursting with Stronger Sensations! Tenga’s top-selling FLIP 0 (ZERO) is back with a new Black edition. It has all of the amazing features that made the white FLIP 0 a massive hit, but it’s new internal canal design provides a stronger, more intense experience for those who enjoy stronger stimulation.

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The futuristic FLIP-style returns with firmer material and bolder details for an all-new experience from the FLIP series. The FLIP ZERO BLACK creates a step-up in stimulation, bursting with even stronger sensations.

Product Features:

  • The new internal structure provides strong stimulation through big, bold details.

  • A new, stronger material blend provides maximum squeeze and suction.

  • The seamless insertion point creates stronger suction and reduces lubricant leakage.

  • TENGA’s unique FLIP-style design is easy to wash and dry.

  • The pressure pads allow you to squeeze in order to change internal pressure or create more suction.

  • Discreet Design

  • Long lasting, durable and re-usable.

  • Product Size70×80×180mm / (D)×(W)×(H)

  • Sample Lotion Included