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Deeply Love You Throat Relaxer


Sensuva’s Deeply Love You Throat Spray works it’s wicked magic for a more intense oral sex session. This spray is flavoured and makes a treat for your taste-buds. New Flavours!

Deeply Love You Throat Spray helps you relax and take your love deeper. Easy to use pump one to two sprays in the back of your throat. Slightly sweet and available in a variety of flavors.

Effects take place immediately. Add more if desired. Water based product contains healthy ingredients. Weapons of mass satisfaction. When you use this flavoured throat desensitising spray that helps relax your throat muscles and take his love deeper. Spray directly into the back of the throat prior to oral play and notice a slight numbing sensation that will help relax the throat muscles.

Serving suggestion: Combine Deeply Love You with Licolicious Oral Delight Gel and his pleasure will become yours. Not included, sold separately.